Examination of MBKM Participants in History Study Program

On January 26 2023, an exam was held for MBKM participating students. In this exam, MBKM participants are involved in the non-profit Intern Campus activities, Independent Entrepreneurship and Teaching Campus activities. From this exam, there are several questions related to internship activities. The discussion did not only contain questions, but also some input from the testing team. The exam that took place involved three examiners with the chairman, Anak Agung Inten Asmariati, S.S, M.Si, then two other examiners namely, Anak Agung Ayu Dewi Girindra Wardani, S.S, M.Si and Fransiska Dewi Setiowati Sunaryo, S.S, M.Hum . Through this exam, experience sharing also took place, especially for MBKM participants, especially the benefits obtained from this MBKM activity.